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Samsung WE VoIP клиент для Android, версия G DF13 01 (2014/6/16).



Product overview

WEVoIP client V4.5.0.0 is only compatible with Samsung OfficeServ and SCM Express system. (On OfficeServ, some features are limited)
It is composed of two different clients called as 'Samsung Galaxy edition' and 'General edition'. Each edition will be automatically installed in a device depending on what model it is.

'Samsung Galaxy edition' is a full-featured Samsung VoIP client and only available on the representative models of Samsung Galaxy series.

About 'General edition', it has been developed for other devices on that 'Samsung Galaxy edition' doesn't run and supports basic call features on Samsung OfficeServ and SCM Express system with various limitations (like voice quality, handover, bluetooth headset etc) depending on characteristics of each android device.

- Basic call functions
1. Send/Receive
2. Blind Transfer/Hold call
3. DTMF key input(Invoice, RFC2833)/"Do not disturb"
4. Speaker phone/Bluetooth
5. Security -- SRTP, ARIA, TLS supported
- PBX functions
1. Hold on/Later options for incoming call.
2. Conference call (SCME)
3. Manual handover
4. Call move
5. Call forward unreachable
6. Smart routing
7. Single CID number service
8. mVoIP--Registering through public cellular data network
9. Remote Dial--Call requesting through public cellular data network
10. Auto Answering for Remote Dial/Transferring to Cellular, 3G (SCME)
11. Voice Mail notification
- Convenient features
1. Auto updating for edited profile (SCME), Quick Provisioning --Input only an IP address
2. Log gathering
- Wi-fi optimized features (Galaxy edition)
1. Network Controlled Hand-Over(Samsung AP/APC)
2. Specific frequency/channel selection for quick roaming.
- Advanced call features
1. Call recording
2. HD Voice supported (AMR-WB, SILK)

New Version Changes:
1. [-/-/-] Fixed S View-Cover GUI issue in some devices.
2. [-/-/-] Fixed voice cracking in some devices.

New Version Changes:
3. [-/-/-] New skin is applied.
4. [-/-/-] OpenSSL 1.0.1g is applied for fixing known bug 'heart blooding'
5. [-/-/-] Changed icon.
6. [-/-/-] WE VoIP PRO is supported from this version. – Contact, Directory, Location features.
WE VoIP PRO is add on

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